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About Tomega
Tomega Communications, Inc., (TCI) is a Northern Virginia based telecommunications engineering and management consulting firm, specializing in secure voice and data services, utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) technology. TCI develops and deploys broadband network solutions to the business community. TCI has established itself within the telecommunications industry as a leader in the innovative use of the latest technologies with a vision for the future.

TCI works to ensure full network design integration, meeting the needs of its clients not only for today, but also for growth in the future. The ability to identify and assemble the optimum solution for a client often combines many products and services from within the industry. TCI's experience enables the design of state-of-the-art solutions that are cost effective while affording maximum service capability.

Creating innovative eBusiness solutions is a demanding job. It requires a deep understanding of the power and limitations of cutting-edge technologies. TCI's alliances with both established and emerging technology leaders, position us to develop unmatched ability in integrating proven technologies into innovative solutions.

The TCI organization is a team of highly trained and experienced professionals from across the industry.

TCI, with its experience and vast contacts provides significant added value to all clients both nationally and internationally. TCI has successfully combined the benefits and expertise of a large company with the flexibility, innovation, and service commitment of a small company.